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  3. About

    Chongqing Kelier filtration equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a set of R & D, production, sales and service as one of the joint-stock high-tech joint venture


    Chongqing Clean Filter Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in ChongqingChina in 2014. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating Research and development, Production, Sales and service. It has advanced and excellent filtration technology and fluid purification and regeneration control theory to produce high quality products.

    Since its establishment, Chongqing Clean Filter Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the business philosophy of “Environmental Protection, Clean Energy, High Quality, Honesty, First-class Service, Innovation, Customer First”. With its strong leading technology, Excellent development team, Advanced production equipment, Perfect testing methods and fast and excellent after-sales service, It has developed into a large and medium-sized high-grade fluid purification equipment with excellent quality and stable performance. User's approval and praise.

    Clean has advanced technology, a group of professional core technicians and a highly experienced fluid purification and regeneration research and development team. After years of hard work, It has successfully developed 17 series and more than 200 specifications of fluid purification equipment.

    Clean Technology leads the development of fluid purification technology with technology and successfully passed the quality system certification. Clean's products are in strict accordance with the JB/T5285-2008 standard of the Ministry of Machinery Industry and the Ministry of Power DL/T521-2004, DL/T571-2007 and ISO9001 standard manufacturing. And successfully applied in the fields of steel, Electric power, Petrochemical, Railway, Metallurgy, Chemical, Textile, Shipbuilding, Military, Machinery and so on.

    Qualification certificate

    Not only is a more qualified, more responsibility, the establishment of strict quality assurance system, the implementation of a comprehensive, full quality management。


    IS09001 Chinese


    IS09001 English


    MA explosion-proof certificate


    Clear the patent 1


    Clear the patent 2


    Clear business license


    Export certificate of foreign trade


    Trading manager for the record

    Global marketing network

    Long term for the world's major enterprises to provide high quality, top filtering equipment for our customers to create unlimited value。

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